Dyno Hire

Viezu operates a 3000bhp all-wheel drive Mustang Dyno. It is available to hire from £75.00+vat per hour or £525.00 +VAT per day (09:30 – 16:30).

Orange Jaguar F-Type on a Dyno

Dyno hire is by appointment only with a 50% deposit – full Terms and Conditions Apply.

Prior to your dyno hiring, you will set out your testing requirements and equipment will be set to these requirements when you arrive. You will be able to see the calibration set-up prior to a run. During your hire time you will have available a Viezu Dyno Technician and exclusive use of the dyno during the hire period.

All test results are supplied in printed format and electronically in a PDF file format.

Dyno Graph, witch red and blue lines KESS3The 3000bhp Mustang Dyno

  • All-wheel drive, front and rear wheel capability
  • 4×4 vehicles require half hour set-up
  • Accommodates vehicles with 80” Track Width (exceptions can be made to
  • accommodate fractionally wider vehicle track widths)
  • 118” max wheelbase for AWD vehicle
  • 142” max wheelbase for RWD
  • Maximum axle weight 2700kg per axle
  • Capable of a wide range of Drive Cycles, Load Testing and Sweep Testing

Dyno Hire | Test Scenarios

  • Top speed testing
  • Constant run testing
    • Constant force runs – constant load testing supports component testing
    • Constant speed run – verify torque output through gears
  • Sweep testing – power curves/power run
  • Step testing – set rpm or set speed intervals
  • Emission drive tests
  • Quarter mile run – acceleration, driver reaction, 0-60, plus:
    • 60ft runs
    • 330ft runs
    • 1/8 mile run
    • ¼ mile run
    • 1000ft run
    • Reaction time
    • Total time

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