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....Welcome to the most advanced and complete database of Master tuning files anywhere, here in this vault of tuning files you will find remap and tuning files for hundreds of vehicles ready to use. The tuning files enclosed are of the very highest quality in the industry. All tuning files have been dyno and emission tested and used many times for proven 100% reliability.

All files are open, unencrypted and can be re-used, the automated tuning file database service is open 24hrs a day 365 days per year.

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Our Master tuning file data base is designed to be very easy to use, with no contract or commitment everyone is welcome to use it – welcome to pay as you go tuning files.

You will see here a huge range of Master tuning files for both gasoline / petrol tuning as well as tuning files for diesel engine vehicles. Tuning files are available for many applications too, including high performance tuning files for road and driving, fuel economy tuning files and manufacture original stock files and settings for ID only tuning and remapping.

Vehicle Specific Files

If you would like a tuning file coded for a specific vehicle ready for upload with vehicle specific coding added we will do this free of charge for you for every file you purchase.

Please be aware DPF\EGR\O2 delete and removal is subject to regional and international legislation, whilst Viezu can supply DPF\EGR\O2 deletion and DPF\EGR\O2 removal software, it is imperative that you check the legislation and legal requirements for DPF filter\EGR valve\catalytic converter and DPF\EGR\O2 software where you are based if you intend to use your vehicle on the road after DPF\EGR\O2 removal. For clarity - In the UK and across Europe a DPF filter\EGR valve\catalytic converter must be fitted to your vehicle. By requesting this software service you confirm that you understand the message and that the vehicle should not be used on the road anywhere where it would be illegal to do so. Please find more information on the following hyperlink http://eepurl.com/62qML

Please proceed to purchase the file from the database, and then send it together with your original read from the vehicle to Technical@viezu.com, your coded ready to load file will be returned to you ready for use within the hour (during office support hours)

Please ask if you are not sure of the service or file you need

Tuning files for many hundreds of vehicles are covered from high performance super cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and many other high end performance tuning files, as well as vehicles like, VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW which are very popular amongst tuners and tuning enthusiasts.


Don’t see what you want - Send us the original !

If you don't see the tuning file you are looking alreay listed on our site, on application our team is very likely to be able to provide it for you.

Please click on the button below and use our File Submission / Upload form to send it to us so we can check for you.

This service is subject to the technical team opening hours. We will be back to you as soon as we can.

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